Healthcare in Ontario

OHIP is Ontario’s health care plan. You will need to apply and once you’ve been approved, you’ll get an Ontario Health Card. You’ll need to show your Ontario health card every time you have a doctor’s appointment, visit an emergency room, have a medical test, go to a walk-in clinic, etc. 

How To Apply

You must apply for OHIP in person at a Service Ontario Centre. You will need to bring the following documents with you:

A completed Registration for Ontario Health Insurance Coverage Form. This document can be filled out at the Service Ontario Centre.

As well as three separate, original (not photocopies or printouts) identification documents: 
1.  One that proves your Canadian Citizenship or OHIP-eligible immigration status (e.g. Canadian Birth certificate, permanent resident card)
2.  One that proves you live in Ontario (e.g. Ontario driver’s licence, original mailed utility bill, mortgage, rental or lease agreement, etc.)
3.  One that supports your identity (credit card, passport, etc.) 

To wave the 3-month wait period for OHIP coverage you will need to bring one of the following:

If you are applying without the military member present: 
  • Special Passport (green-coloured passport for military family members returning from an out-of-country posting). 
  • CAF member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) – can be obtained online by the military personnel. 
  • A letter from the MFRC on letterhead confirming military family status of applicants.
If you are applying with the military member present: 
  • Any or the above or; 
  • CAF member’s military ID 
  • CAF member’s posting message 

OHIP For Children

Children who are under 16 years old do not need a photo or signature on their card, and a parent or guardian can register for them. Children who are over 16 years old need a photo and signature on their card and therefore must apply in person.

Operation Family Doc (OFD)

Operation Family Doc (OFD) is a program offered by the National Capital Region MFRC that connects Canadian Armed Forces families with a family doctor. This program is available to all serving CAF member’s dependents, as well as CAF members undergoing release or retirement and their dependants.  

How Does Operation Family Doc Work?

Families interested in taking part in this program will need to complete an OFD referral form. This referral form will be sent to a family physician on behalf of the family. Afterwards the family will be given the contact information for their new primary care practitioner as well as follow up instructions.  

What Do I Need To Participate in OFD?

In order to be referred to a physician, you will need: 
1.  A valid OHIP or RAMQ card
2.  A residential address within the National Capital Region  

For further information: 
Lisa Drisdelle  
Operation Family Doc Coordinator 

For additional support or information, please contact: (613) 998-4888 or​