Healthcare in Québec


How To Register

Upon arriving in Québec, if you meet the eligibility conditions, you may register with the Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ). Through registration you will avoid delaying your coverage start date. You may only register after you have arrived in the province of Québec.  

Step 1 – Fill out the registration form  

Call 1-800-561-9749 to obtain a registration form.
This enables them to pre-register you and produce your personalized registration form. You will receive this form in the mail. Once you do, check the information and sign the form. You cannot complete this form online. You will then have to book an appointment and see them in person to have your identity confirmed.  

Step 2 – Gather the required documents  

In addition to the form, you will have to provide other documents to complete your registration. The list of admissable documents are available on their website, here. If an original document is required, you may replace it with a certified true copy.
A certified true copy is a copy of an original document that is certified true by a competent authority (i.e. the organization that issued the original document) from the issuing organization.  

Step 3 – Send in the documents and have your photo taken  

Go to a service point to have your identity checked. Bring two forms of ID along with  you (identity documents - include a photo ID).
Depending on the service point, you will have to provide a photo or have one taken on the premises. To see a list of the requirements, visit their website, here. A fee may apply, which is not reimbursable.  

Step 4 – Receiving a letter and your card  

After they have processed your application for registration, you will receive a letter specifying the date in which you will become eligible for the Québec Health Insurance Plan. You will receive your Health Insurance Card in 14 days.  

Operation Family Doc (ODF)

Operation Family Doc (OFD) is a program offered by the National Capital Region MFRC that connects Canadian Armed Forces families with a family doctor. This program is available to all serving CAF member’s dependents, as well as CAF members undergoing release or retirement and their dependants.  

How Does Operation Family Doc Work?

Families interested in taking part in this program will need to complete an OFD referral form. This referral form will be sent to a family physician on behalf of the family. Afterwards the family will be given the contact information for their new primary care practitioner as well as follow up instructions.  

What Do I Need To Participate in OFD?

In order to be referred to a physician, you will need: 
1.  A valid OHIP or RAMQ card
2.  A residential address within the National Capital Region  

For further information: 
Lisa Drisdelle  
Operation Family Doc Coordinator 

For additional support or information, please contact: (613) 998-4888 or​