Banking and Taxes


Switching Banks

Below is a list of steps to consider before switching or changing banks:

Step 1: Identify why you don’t like your current bank.  
Step 2: Choose your new financial institution.
Step 3: Make a list of your automatic payments and deposits. 
Step 4: Open your new account.  
Step 5: Set up your automatic payments and deposits.  
Step 6: Start using your new account.  
Step 7: Close your old account.  
Step 8: Check up on your old bank.

Further details can be found at How To Swith Banks: Why People Switch Banks 

List of Banks in Ottawa & Gatineau

Click here for a full list of banks, including addresses, phone number, operation hours and location on the map!  

Average home prices and property taxes in Ottawa: the average home price is approximately 449 200$ (paying about 4 799$ in property taxes).
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