Support During Your House Hunting Trip



The MFCR-NCR has a list of local childcare centres to help you during HHT. Know your child is safe and cared for while you get time to handle all the logistics of your HHT.

For more information:
(613) 991-3676  

Childcare Document Coming Soon! – How To Find Childcare in Ottawa and Gatineau

School and Districts

[Finding a House Close To A Preferred School document coming soon!]

Warm Welcomes from your MFRC NCR

Moving to the NCR? Your MFRC is here to help! All throughout posting season we are busy calling all new members and their families to reach out and answer as many questions as you may have or to help you find information you may be looking for. 

Meet and Greets

Want to get to know your MFRC? Come sit down with our Transitions Coordinator and get help, they can answer any questions you may have! (We need the contact information here)



Information Coming Soon!

For additional support or information, please contact: (613) 998-4888 or​