Separation and Reunion

The MFRC-NCR provides support to the families of Regular Forces and Reservists who are experiencing a separation due to military tasking both within the country and overseas. We are there through all stages of the separation to ensure families are well supported and connected. Our services are available to spouses, parents, children, and siblings. 

Our separation and reunion services include: 


  • As part of the DAG process, CAF members are encouraged to complete a family information form with the MFRC-NCR when they are being tasked away 
  • Assistance with creating a family care plan 
  • Deployment Package 
  • Pre-deployment briefings (R2MR) for family members  
  • Resource Library  

Separation Services  

  • Monthly Warm Line Calls (an informal telephone support service that serves to support and share information to families about the programs, services, resources, activities and events offered by the Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator and the MFRC-NCR) 
  • Social and support groups for partners, parents, youth, and children 
  • Resources and information sessions to help partners, parents and children cope with the separation 
  • Free overseas mailing to most CAF members on active operations as approved by DND 
  • Social events for families  
  • Respite Support - More information coming soon 

Reunion Services 

  • Reunion briefings (R2MR) – transition after separation workshop for partners, parents, and spouses 
  • Ongoing support for up to 3 years post deployment including access to all Family Separation and Reunion programs (with the exception of Respite Child Care allowance) 
  • Follow up services: resources and referrals  

For more information: 
Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator  

For additional support or information, please contact: (613) 998-4888 or​