Military Family

About the Military Family Services Program

What is the Military Family Services Program?  
The Military Family Services Program (MFSP) is the Canadian Armed Forces-wide community-based support program delivering coordinated, consistent national services for families, as well as a framework for families and communities to influence and manage local priorities and services. 
  • History of the Military Family Services Program video.

Who is Served by the MFSP?
All Canadian Armed Forces families matter to Military Family Services. We understand Canadian family structures and norms have changed a lot over the years. That’s why we consider shifts in family dynamics when we develop services and programs for military families.

A military family is understood to be:
  • All Canadian Armed Forces' personnel, Regular and Reserve Force, and their spouses, children, parents, relatives of significance or people who self-identify as the family of a military member.
  • Non-Public Fund and Department of National Defence civilian employees during a deployment with the Canadian Armed Forces to a mission area outside of Canada, their spouses, parents, children and dependent relatives.
  • Family members and persons of significance to Canadian Armed Forces personnel who die while serving remain part of the military family community in perpetuity.
Our support to military families must focus most intently on those in our military family community who are most vulnerable and adversely impacted by the conditions of military life. It’s for this reason the bulk of our services focus on spouses, children and parents. To approach this otherwise would be unfair to those most affected by the Canadian military family lifestyle.

Eligibility for support and services for families is also based on a member’s condition of service. For eligibility requirements for specific services, please call the Family Information Line at 1-800-866-4546.