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Darrell Priede Award


The  Darrell Priede Award is designed to recognize military photographers for their personal and professional achievements, leadership, volunteer efforts, and self-development towards furthering the objectives of military photography in documenting and promoting the day by day activities and achievements of Canadian Armed Forces.

​Serving and former members of the Imagery Technician occupation may be nominated by their peers or superiors and is open to Regular and Reserve force members of the Imagery Technician Occupation MOC 00137 between the ranks of Pte-Sgt. The nomination shall encompass the entirety of the member’s career and will be judged on a variety of factors. While the imagery produced bears weight in the adjudication of the award it is not the sole factor for consideration. Particular attention will be paid to the personal and professional achievements and selflessness of the member in promoting the CAF and its members through their imagery work as well as in their non-imagery related activities.


The Darrell Priede Award is open to Regular and Reserve force members of the Imagery Technician Occupation MOSID 00137 between the ranks of Pte-Sgt. Members who take their release during the competition year may be nominated as long as they were serving during a portion of the contest year.

Contest Dates

Nomination criteria shall cover the entire career of the member.

Nominations must be submitted to NLT 30 September 2019 to be considered.


1. Members may not nominate themselves;

2. Personnel above the rank of Sgt are ineligible for competition but may nominate other members;

3. Video is accepted as representative samples of the mbrs work;

4. All imagery submitted shall be produced as per specifications outlined in the draft A-PH-007-000/AG-001 (available on the ISPM website at: Acceptable formats include JPEG as well as DNG/PSD/AI in order to illustrate members capability and skill level with common imagery software utilized by the imagery occupation.

5. Any imagery submitted must be suitable for public release;

6. All imagery submitted must have been produced in support of official function as an image tech and abide by applicable standards;

7. All imagery submitted for a nominee should be produced solely by the individual. In those cases where others may have contributed to the imagery, the nominee must have performed the majority of the work required to complete the imagery.

8. There can be no personally identifiable signature, logo, or marking of any kind included in the imagery; and

9. This Award is separate and distinct from the CAF photo contests and any imagery submitted can also be submitted to the photo contest.


  1. A score will tabulated for each nominee based on the following criteria:
    1. Individual Qualities
      1. To include but not limited to: personal sacrifice; competency and capability; personal achievements; professional achievements; leadership; charitable efforts; self-development; etc.
    2. Professional Qualities
      1. To include but not limited to: professional military achievements (Letters of Achievement, Bravo Zulus, etc.); civilian recognition; operations; experience; etc.
    3. Imagery Qualities
      1. To include but not limited to: storytelling; technical quality of work; originality; creativity; etc.
2. The nominee with the highest score shall win the award.

3. Three Senior (WO and above) MOSID 00137 Imagery Technicians will comprise the majority of the panel for the competition;

4. In addition a technical SME may be selected from any rank to serve as a technical advisor to the panel;

5. As well, an unbiased third party will be included the panel to ensure continuity of scoring;

6. Should a judge nominate an individual for competition they shall recluse themselves from the scoring of that member; and

7. Judging will be done remotely using network services.

Nominating a Member

To nominate, please send an email to WO JF Lauzé at:

Points of Contact

Questions or requests for clarification or individual exceptions to policy shall be sent to the following Points of Contact:

Point of Contact 1  –
Point of Contact 2  –