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Information and Rules - Video


The Canadian Armed Forces Imagery Contest (formerly known as The Canadian Armed Forces Photo Contest), video stream is held annually.  Entries will be accepted between 15 June and the closing date of 1 September.


Contestants must have a CF1 Card, if not already in possession of a CF1 Card you can apply for a FREE card at:

Contestants may submit entries as individuals OR as teams of 3 members or less. Team entries must be submitted with the full knowledge and permission of ALL individuals who contributed to the final product. ALL members of a team must meet the eligibility requirement above.
Note: The contestants must indicate on the Entry Form his/her affiliation with CAF/DND as described in the Eligibility criteria. Members and their families who are directly associated with the organizing, running, sponsoring or judging of this contest, are specifically excluded from participating.


Each contestant must submit his/her entries in only one of two classifications: Novice or Advanced.  The contestant must choose the classification which best, and most fairly, fits their own ability and experience in the field of videography using the following guidelines:

Novice classification is for those contestants that meet the following criteria:
  • Videography is a hobby not a profession.
Advanced classification is for those contestants that meet ANY of the following criteria:
  • Videography is a profession; and/or
  • Have demonstrated advanced level skills in Videography.
Note: Personnel currently or previously employed as Imagery Technicians, as well as anyone who regularly profits from his/her videography in any way other than contests, must submit his/her entries in the Advanced classification.
Anyone requiring further clarification should contact the organizers. Based on these guidelines the committee reserves the right to move a contestant from Novice to Advanced. Contestants will be advised if their entry is reclassified.


Contestants may submit entries in any of the following categories:
  • Actuality - Uses footage of real events, places, and things, yet unlike the documentary is not structured into a larger argument, picture of the phenomenon or coherent whole.  B-roll, electronic news gathering, vine videos, Public Service Announcements, music videos and time-lapse videos are examples. The final product must be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
  • Social Media Video - Must contain a call to action, inspirational message, or motivational theme. Can contain interviews and time lapses, but cannot be a b-roll video piece; the final product must be between 30 seconds and 1 minute. 


Content categories for the video portion of the Canadian Armed Forces Imagery Contest are provided solely as guidance and inspiration for entrants.
  • Military Life - This category is defined by those videos depicting military personnel (in uniform) at work, on duty, on parade, on exercise, on training, on deployment, on operations at home and abroad, using the tools of the trade; or videos showing military equipment or vehicles in action, where military personnel may not be clearly visible. All submitted material MUST be UNCLASSIFIED.
  • People - This category is defined by videos of people in all walks of life - parenting and family, children and babies, couples and relationships, models / fashion, people engaged in outdoor/indoor activities, wedding and vacation.
  • Animals - This category is defined by those videos depicting domesticated and wild animals such as: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, zoo and farm animals.
  • Environment - This category is defined by those videos depicting the environment.  Typical subjects are tourists’ attractions, waterfalls, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and underwater videography.
  • Sports - This category is defined by those videos depicting an amateur sports event or people participating in a sports or fitness based activity, emphasizing action. Care should be taken not to capture logos that may be trademarked or which may infringe upon franchise copyright.
  • Open - Contestants are welcome to submit videos featuring other subjects provided the material is in good taste and unclassified.


  • The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse an entry, or change its title, if the submission is deemed to be inappropriate for the intended audience of the CAF Imagery Contest.
  • All contestants, without exception, must FIRST complete the online entry form found at to register. Contestants will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation number after submitting the online entry form.
  • They must then submit their video(s) via Google Drive in mp4 format. The confirmation number must be added to the file name as follows: TITLEOFPROJECT_ConfirmationNumber.mp4. Contestants will upload their submission within their own Google Drive account and then share it with Upon upload, contestants must also include Title, Category and Names of Team Members in the description field.
  • Contestants may enter up to four (4) videos, either as an individual or a team. If an individual submits a product as part of a team and also submits as an individual, those submissions will be counted separately against the limit. Content may NOT be replicated across multiple submissions.
  • Entries to the Contest must be the original work of the contestant(s).
  • The subject material of images must be UNCLASSIFIED.
  • No watermarks are allowed on the video.
  • Image file names must be no more than 28 characters, plus the confirmation number.


The technical specifications are as follows:
  • Resolution of the video must be 1080p
  • Must contain quality audio
  • Must be delivered in .mp4 file format
  • No slates, no backend (word mark etc.)
  • Must contain a 2 second black slug at the beginning and the end of the video
  • Must demonstrate consistent colour (correction is allowed)
  • No blown/peaking audio
  • The video file must be no larger than 500 megabytes in size
  • Video must be in either 24, 30 or 60 frames per second
  • No interlaced video; video must be progressive
  • No copyrighted images, music, or audio (this includes footage you may capture of any copyrighted material, including but not limited to images, music, or audio)
  • All footage must be original (no stock footage)
  • No slide show
  • Footage used in one submission cannot be repurposed in another submission


All participants must have Model Release forms signed when the video contains “identifiable” people.  A model release is a signed agreement from the subject(s) which states that the videographer is authorized to publish his/her/their image.  A sample model release is available on the CAF Imagery Contest website. A model release is not normally required if the video was taken at a military or public event. The videographers’ own model release form will also be accepted.

The Videographer, at the time of the shoot, must keep in mind the possible future requirement for publication.  In those situations where a model release is required and cannot be obtained, the video will not be published and the submission will no longer be eligible for the contest.


By submitting entries, the contestant agrees that all submissions can be used without further permission, properly accredited, for, but not limited to:
  • Publication on DND, CAF and CFMWS platforms such as websites and social media channels;
  • Display at various DND locations; and
  • Other DND/CAF Video Contest promotional material.


DND shall assume no liability for not receiving your video. DND will not be liable for the submission of entries without suitable model release agreements.


A panel of three judges, selected based on their videography experience and background will select the winning entries in mid-October.
First Place will be awarded for each of the following categories:
  • Novice Actuality;
  • Novice Social Media;
  • Advanced Actuality; and
  • Advanced Social Media.The decision of the contest judges are final.
*Winners must accept prizes provided (no substitutions) and may be required to sign a Prize Acceptance Agreement. This document must be completed, signed and returned to sender prior to mailing of prize. Winners must also sign a Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risks, and Indemnification Agreement.


The list of winners in all categories will be announced on the website and sent to all participants that have provided an email address by 31 October.

By entering the contest, Contestants grant permission to the CAF Imagery Contest Organization to publish his/her name, city, province of residence, photo, video, or any likeness and details of their prize(s) and awards(s) for advertising or publicity purposes without any additional compensation and winning Contestants agree to sign a Declaration and Release Form to this effect.


Web site:
Phone number: 819-939-9448