Confidentiality and anonymity are critical to the Military Family Panel process. Here is a breakdown of the various ways to submit feedback to the Family Panel:
Feedback Method Contact Info Confidentiality
Family Information Line 1-800-866-4546 Confidential and anonymous
Email  Confidential and anonymous
Virtual Sessions Offered 4x per year Confidential and anonymous
Facebook Closed Group #MyVoice  Closed group, but not confidential nor anonymous

Note that all forms of communication with the Family Panel are confidential and anonymous, with the exception of Facebook. While the MyVoice Facebook Group is a Closed Group and thus restricts membership, Facebook Groups is not by nature a confidential forum. We have therefore pinned a note on Facebook Group, noting that if a Group Member has a confidential topic to discuss, they should use another point of contact, such as the Family Information Line (FIL).

Here is how we ensure your information is confidential and anonymous in FIL, email and the virtual sessions:
steps involved