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Provincial Accreditation Must-Knows

At some point in your career, as a military family member you may be required to have your professional credentials or licensing re-evaluated to satisfy the requirements of the province you are moving to. Understanding how provincial accreditation works and the exceptions that exist between provinces will help minimize the effect provincial accreditation has on your career as you move across the country.

In 1995, all the Canadian First Ministers (premiers) signed and agreed to abide by the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). The purpose of this agreement was to reduce and eliminate barriers to the free movement of persons, goods, services and investment within Canada. Chapter 7 of this agreement deals with the movement of labour across our country and outlines the policy in place to facilitate labour mobility in Canada. 

The AIT explains how workers in regulated occupations can apply to be certified in the same occupation in another province or territory without having to undergo significant additional training, examination or assessment. Non-material requirements like small fees, additional insurance, providing qualification evidence and language testing may still be required when seeking certification in a new province. If a province wishes to request workers in a specific field to satisfy more substantial requirements before becoming accredited in their province, the provincial government must apply to have an exception approved. Currently, there are 15 professions with approved labour mobility exceptions in at least one province or territory. Find the complete Agreement on Internal Trade at

Before your next move, follow these steps to avoid accreditation surprises:
  1. Check the AIT exception list to see if it includes your current profession. 
  2. Contact the respective accrediting association in your soon to be new province to inquire about what is required to transfer your license or accreditation. 
  3. If possible, complete accreditation requirements prior to your move in order to avoid an extended absence from your field.