Provincial Certification Must-Knows

Provincial Certification Must-Knows


Professional Licensing Must-Knows

Take a look at this short video created by the Labour Mobility Coordinator Group that explains labour mobility regulations in Canada. 
If you are a professional worker, you may be required to become licensed or certified in a new province or territory at some point in your career. This can be challenging, in particular for military families as they move more frequently than the average Canadian household. Understanding how regulated occupations work in Canada will help you plan in advance for your move, navigate the system, and know where to seek help, and from whom, should you need it. 

What can you do to limit the effect professional licensing transfer has on your career?
  1. Determine whether your occupation is regulated in the province or territory in which you plan to work. To do this, you can contact a Labour Mobility Coordinator. More information is also provided on the Labour Mobility Coordinating Group website in the section: Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Check the Labour Mobility exceptions list to see if it includes your regulated profession.
    1. As soon as you know you will be moving to another province, contact the accrediting body of your profession in the new province or territory to ask what requirements are compulsory before becoming accredited whether your profession is included as an exception or not. If possible, take the necessary steps to meet the requirements before moving in order to avoid being out of the labour force for an extended period of time. Your Labour Mobility Coordinator can help with this. You can also visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials, which has many resources, including contact information for particular regulators.
    2. If your profession is not included on the exceptions list and you also feel that the requirements in place are not "non-material", contact the Labour Mobility Coordinator for your new province listed here.
  3. Visit for more information about labour mobility in Canada, including a Frequently Asked Questions section. 

We’ve put together some resources to help you navigate your professional license/credential transfer.