METspouse Employment Transition Program for Spouses

The Military Employment Transition Program for Spouses (METspouse) is a 12 month pilot project being offered by Military Family Services (MFS), Canada Company and seven Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs) in Halifax, NS; Montreal, QC; Valcartier, QC; National Capital Region, ON; Toronto, ON; Winnipeg, MB or Shilo, MB.

The program was developed in response to the 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman Report that recommended MFS establish a national employer network to complement local and regional employment services already available to military families through local MFRCs.

A Winding Career Path Can Still Take You Where You Want to Go

If you are a military spouse living in the vicinity of a participating MFRC and you are looking for employers who understand your life circumstances as a military spouse, the METspouse program pilot may be just what you are looking for.

To register: 

Please contact a METspouse employment coordinator at your local participating MFRC.

Once registered, you will:
  • Gain access to a closed LinkedIn group where you can connect with METspouse Employer Partners and see upcoming employment opportunities
  • Receive the bi-weekly Hot Jobs e-mail that will highlight the immediate hiring needs of METspouse Employer Partners
  • Be invited to in-person and online job fairs put on my employer partners
  • Receive information on best practices for the METspouse program and searching for employment as a military spouse
  • Be among the first registered for the METspouse online portal once the website development is complete
Halifax     Holly Rye

902-427-7788 / 

Montreal  Estelle Auger 450-462-8777 / 
Valcartier  Genevieve Godin 418-844-6060 / 
Toronto Shawn Thompson 416-633-6200 (Ext. 4311)
NCR/ Ottawa- Gatineau Amy LeGresley 613-998-4888
Winnipeg  John Bailey 204-833-2500 (Ext. 4500)
Shilo Christine Helgason 204-765-3000 (Ext. 3352)


Opportunities for Military Spouses from Non-participating Communities

To ensure the program is established to adequately provide value to military spouses across the country, Canada Company and MFS decided to pilot the program for the first year and limit the number of participating MFRCs. If METspouse is found to be providing value to military families and employer partners at the end of the first year, the hope is to extend the program to all interested MFRCs.

Our Partner

Created in 2006, Canada Company is a federally registered charity which brings community leaders from across Canada together to support Canadian soldiers in the work that they do at home and abroad. The organization is apolitical and is an advocate for Canadians, who serve, or wish to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces, regular and reserve and their families, ensuring they receive the widest possible support, recognition and care.