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1) What number do I call to speak to a professional counsellor?  You can call…

Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) and Bereavement Services | Get the counselling you need.

CFMAP and Bereavement Services is a 24-hour, 1-800 bilingual telephone service, available 365 days a year to a parent, a spouse, children/step children, a fiancé(e), and any other person of significance to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who has died while serving. You can access a professional counsellor by telephone from anywhere at anytime. An appointment will be arranged within a maximum of 48 hours. Short and long-term counselling options are available and are free of charge. For more information or an appointment call 1-800-268-7708 or 1-800-567-5803 for the hearing impaired.

Military Family Resources Centre (MFRC) | Find your nearest MFRC

In each CAF community an MFRC is available to you and your family to provide assessment, referral and short-term counselling. Please connect with the MFRC in your community.

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)| Contact the FLO at the MFRC nearest you

The Family Liaison Officer – or FLO -  is here to support you and your family. They are your Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) social worker who is part of your local Canadian Armed Forces Transition Centres (CAF TG) team. FLO services are free of charge and are delivered by experienced professionals who understand the challenges of your military lifestyle. Learn about the role of your Family Liaison Officer.

Spiritual Care and Pastoral Support | Contact a Chaplain in your area

The Canadian Forces Chaplain Branch provides spiritual and religious support and counselling to all military personnel and their families. For additional information, or to contact a chaplain in a non-urgent manner during regular business hours, please call 1-866-502-2203.

Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC) Pastoral Outreach Program | Speak to a chaplain with Veterans Affairs Canada

You and your immediate family can get spiritual support, without having to apply, when the
need arises through VAC’s pastoral outreach service.  If you are dealing with end of life issues, the death of a Veteran, a burial in the National Cemetery, or bereavement, we can connect you with spiritual support. Many of the clergy associated with the pastoral outreach service are retired Canadian Forces Padres or Royal Canadian Legion Chaplains who are familiar with the military way of life and the challenges you may face as you transition to post-service life, or deal with the loss of a loved one. To access pastoral outreach, please call the 24-Hour VAC Assistance Service at 1-800-268-7708.

2) How do I contact Helping Our Peers by Providing Empathy (HOPE) to receive the services offered?

If you have questions, if you want to know more about the program or if you want to receive support from one of our peer helpers who have also lost a loved one, please contact the HOPE Program Manager at: 1-800-883-6094 or send us an email at HOPE-ESPOIR@forces.gc.ca Note that you do not need to apply to this service.
See what services we offer.

3) What do I do when a Canadian Armed Forces Pension Plan member or annuitant dies?

When a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Pension Plan member or pension recipient dies, the Government of Canada Pension Centre must be notified immediately. If your spouse or common-law partner was in receipt of a CAF pension, it is important for you to provide the Pension Centre with the following information in order to cease his/her pension and to apply for a survivor and/or child pension:

  • The full name of the deceased
  • The name and contact information of the executor of the estate
  • The pensioner's Social Insurance Number (SIN), Pension Number or Service Number
  • A copy of the death certificate and Will
  • The name and contact information of the surviving spouse or common-law partner (if applicable)
  • The surviving spouse or common-law partner's birth certificate and SIN
  • The name(s) and birth certificate(s) of any eligible children
Find more information for a survivor of a deceased plan member.

Contact the Family Information Line (FIL)
with your questions or concerns

The Family Information (FIL) is a confidential, personal, bilingual and free service offering information, support, referrals, reassurance and crisis management to the military community. We understand your military lifestyle. We have resources and we want to support you.

Our help is always free: 1-800-866-4546 (International 00-800-771-17722FIL-LIF@cfmws.com