Common Military Task Fitness Evaluation

The Canadian Forces developed the Minimum Physical Fitness Standard for all military personnel, regardless of trade classification, age or gender. Extensive research provided six Common Military Tasks, which all personnel might be expected to perform in time of emergency. This rationale was used as the basis to establish the Bona Fide Occupational Requirements (BFOR) in compliance with the Charter of Human Rights.
These tasks within the Common Military Task Fitness Evaluation (CMTFE) are derived from real operational scenarios which have been identified and described by military subject matter experts, and have been scientifically validated by the PSP Directorate of Fitness.

The four components of the FORCE Evaluation were designed to simulate the physical demands and movement patterns of the CMTFE. 

Six Common Military Tasks Description

Escape to cover Pickets and wire carry Sandbag fortification
Picking and digging Vehicle extrication ​Stretcher carry