FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Evaluation


FORCE Evaluation

The FORCE Evaluation is a reflection of the CAF minimal physical employment standard related to common defence and security duties known as the Universality of Service principle.
Some trades within the CAF require higher levels of fitness or operational readiness, but the minimum standards for the FORCE Evaluation are meant to reflect the baseline CAF physical employment standard that everyone must meet.
The FORCE Evaluation is designed to capture the movement patterns, energy systems, and muscle groups recruited in the performance of the Common Military Task Fitness Evaluation (CMTFE).

All pertinent information with regards to registration of the FORCE Evaluation will be managed locally. PSP fitness staff and your local chain of command will provide the necessary information and address questions.

FORCE Rewards Program 
The FORCE Rewards Program is designed to recognize Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who achieve high levels of health-related fitness and operational readiness on their FORCE Fitness Profile, as part of their annual FORCE Evaluation.
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Sandbag Lift

30 consecutive lifts of a 20 kg sandbag from the floor above a height of 1.0 m.
The member alternates between left and right sandbags separated by 1.25 m. 
To be completed in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Intermittent Loaded Shuttles

10 consecutive shuttles (1 shuttle = 20 m there, 20 m back), alternating between
loaded shuttles with a 20 kg sandbag and unloaded shuttles, totaling 400 m. 
To be completed in 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

Sandbag Drag

Carry one 20 kg sandbag and pull a minimum of four on the floor over 20 m
without stopping. Number of sandbags being dragged depends on the type of floor.​

20 metre Rushes 

Starting from the prone position, complete two shuttle sprints (1 shuttle = 20 m there,
20 m back) dropping to the prone position every 10 m for a total of 80 m. 
To be completed in 51 seconds or less. 

For more information about the FORCE Evaluation, visit our FAQ page