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Chief Warrant Officer J.G.C. Faucher
2013 - present

CWO Faucher has been an avid competitive runner for more than 40 years in distances that vary from 400m to the Half-marathon. Through his 34 years of service, he had the opportunity to compete in 12 CISM short and long Cross-Country Championships, one Military Games (Rome), countless CAF Regional and National Championships, and 4 World Masters Athletics Championships (France, Korea, Spain, and Canada). CWO Faucher’s passion for the sport extended to his role as official on the Manitoba Athletics circuit and as CAF Chief Official where he spearheaded numerous important changes to the CAF National Running Championships, since his appointment in 2012.

2021 Call for Nomination for CAF National Chief Official

2005 - 2011 Lieutenant-Commander W. Percey                                                       
Uknown - 2004 Mr. D. Hartnett


Maj Mike Mueller
Mr. Aaron Grainge
705-424-1200 ext 2135

  CISM Canada Running Team


Major-General A.J.P Pelletier
2011 - present

I’m thrilled to continue in my role as CAF Patron for the sport of Running.  Over the last ten years, I have crossed path with a number of our dedicated runners during the CAF National Running Championship, the CISM Cross-Country or Marathon events, the CISM Military World Games and the Army Run.  Each time I’m impressed by the level of dedication, health and fitness of our CAF runners across the Regular and Reserve components.  I’m also impressed by the level of camaraderie found in our cohort of runners either on the track, the road or in the days leading to the competition.  Despite the individual nature of running, the success of each of our runners depends on the support of a network of people: PSP members, team manager, coach, chief official, trainers, running athletes and most of all, family members; you’re all contributing to our PB’s (Personal Bests) – and we thank you for that! 

The recent publication of the CAF Balance Strategy with its 5 pillars - Injury Prevention, Physical Activity, Sleep/Rest, Performance Nutrition and Physical Performance will not only serve as a guide for our current athletes but should motivate CAF members to adopt a more active lifestyle and hopefully bring additional runners to our sport.  Running remains one of the most accessible sport for the active lifestyle of our CAF members, whether deployed, on TD or at home Base/Wing, only minimal gear (season dependent) and dedication are required.  

I encourage everyone of our runners to remain a road (or treadmill) model for the rest of our soldier, sailor and aviators and for everyone of us to continue our effort in bringing new talent to our pool of national runners.  The CAF Balance Strategy calls on us to walk the walk, I have been there and done that with Nijmegen 2014; I now challenge everyone to “run the run” and feel what’s in it for them.  Looking forward to see you in your new or used runners at the CAF National, the Army Run, the Navy Run or the RCAF Run in the next few years!

2009 - 2010        Brigadier-General G.C.P. Matte                                                                                 
Uknown - 2008      Major-General M.J. Wards