Support to Families with Special Needs

Support to Families with Special Needs

Military Family Services recognizes that families with special needs children face many challenges, but Canadian Armed Forces families face particular and unique challenges as a result of the Canadian Armed Forces lifestyle.

It is extremely important for Military Family Services and special needs families to work together to mitigate challenges and promote the resources, funding prospects and community engagement opportunities.

PSP promotes and encourages people with special needs to participate in a wide variety of activities offered throughout our communities. Our objective is to facilitate meaningful participation of people of varying abilities in the community activities of their choice.

Support and Useful Links 

Family Information Line 24/7 bilingual
1-800-866-4546 North America 
00-800-771-17722 Europe

Facebook Page 
Share resources, advice and encouragement with other Canadian Armed Forces families.

Support Our Troops 
Funding information.

 MFRC and Down Syndrome Local Groups

My Voice 
Facebook group run by Military Family Services that encourages discussion with families like yours about the challenges and experiences you face as military families.

Autism Speaks 
Dedicated to funding global research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism; and to raising public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society.

A Family Guide to the Military Experience

Inclusion Policy for Individuals with Special Needs