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CAF Sports Program – Research Study


Impact of sport on CAF operational readiness

Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) has partnered with a research team from the University of Ottawa led by Drs. Benoit Séguin and Milena Parent to perform an in-depth review of the CAF sports program. 

The objective of this research is to help CFMWS demonstrate the value, contribution, and impact of sport on the operational readiness of the CAF and thereby make the necessary strategic decisions regarding the future directions of the program.

To achieve these goals, we have already interviewed CAF members who are involved in CAF sports.  We are now embarking on a series of interviews with CAF members who do not participate in our sport program (non-participants, or previous participant) with varying level of involvement in our program (participant vs non-participants).

Representation from commands, ranks, sex, locations/bases, and languages (French/English) will be ensured. 

The objective of this qualitative research study is to help guide decision making when it comes to program elements, governance and resource allocation while helping further quantify the impact of the program within the CAF. This will have a specific focus on the impact of sport participation on the social, mental and physical dimensions of wellness.

If you are :
  • A current CAF member not participating in the CAF Sports Program (non-participant)
  • A current CAF member who has previously participated in the CAF Sports Program but for various reasons is no longer participating
Personnel interested in participating are asked to contact the following researcher:
Benoit Séguin or Milena Parent
Lead researchers
University of Ottawa
Phone: 819-593-5181; 613-791-1247