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Understanding Musculoskeletal Injuries

Purpose of this Study
This survey, conducted by the Adamo Lab at the University of Ottawa, was developed to collect information from male and female members of the CAF. The survey will examine individual demographics, anthropometrics, career, family life, pregnancy health, pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence (specific to women), physical activity behaviour, work-related physical activity, MSKi, and general health and well-being.
The associated data will be used to help identify areas for further research, policy review, and training opportunities to hopefully improve the health and well-being of women in the CAF now and for the next generation being recruited.
PSP and the University of Ottawa are seeking focus group volunteers. uOttawa wants to learn more about your maternal and reproductive health experiences and know why women in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) tend to report higher levels of musculoskeletal injuries (MSKi) than men. The goal of this specific project is to use focus group data to improve maternal and reproductive health policies and develop training strategies that should result in lower injury rates, while up-holding gender-free fitness standards.
If you are:
•       a current, or former CAF Member
•       between the ages of 18 and 65
And fit in one of the following groups:
•       a female who has not been pregnant at all while serving in the CAF or;
•       a male who has experienced MSKi that required medical advice and/or treatment, and have impacted the ability to carry out their duties or;
•       a male or female who has experienced an MSKi, but whose duties have not been impacted
Personnel interested in participating are asked to contact the following researcher:
Kevin Semeniuk
Research Coordinator
University of Ottawa                                                                                                                               
Phone: 613-562-5800 x1003