OSISS About Us

About Us

The Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada have worked in partnership to deliver Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) since 2001. Family support began in 2005. We now have almost 70 team members nationally and are supported by an amazing group of trained volunteers.

Who We Are

We are peers, just like you. All coordinators with OSISS have experience with Operational Stress Injury (OSI). We live with OSI day to day, either as the military member or veteran with OSI or the loved one of someone with OSI. We have all come to a point in our recovery to be able to help others going through similar experiences by offering confidential, one-on-one meetings, as well as group sessions.

Why We Are Here

​The OSISS network is coordinated by screened, trained peers who bring firsthand experience and practical knowledge of what it is like to struggle with an OSI or to live with someone with an OSI. Within the program, confidentiality is paramount. Your identity and discussions with us are held in confidence, except in situations of imminent harm to a person, child abuse or subpoena.  

Why Peer Support

If you or your family member have an OSI, the road to wellness can be hard to navigate. Peer support connects you with an understanding ear, a supportive community of people with similar experiences, help to set goals, and provide effective resources that can help. Breaking down the stigma and providing social support has led many Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families to seek the help they need and change their lives for the better.

OSISS in Your Community

The OSISS network includes volunteers and coordinators in multiple locations across Canada. Contact an OSISS coordinator.