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cfmws for Famillies and Veterans

Health starts at home

Let be your online personal trainer! introduces a complementary online resource featuring general fitness and a more family-friendly, total lifestyle approach to active living. Enjoy access to all the benefits of with customized features for you!
"Being active is a great way for families to spend time together and has so many additional benefits. is a resource designed specifically for our CAF members but offering this program to their families is a great opportunity for families to work together, and synchronize efforts to meet their family goals. There are many scenarios where the member is separated from the family and cannot participate in a program together. What better way than to bring the family together!"

- Colonel Dan Harris, Director of Military Family Services
Special features include:
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Learn to Run Program
  • Virtual Yoga
  • Exclusive Exercise Videos
  • Personalized Meal Plans
  • Daily Calorie Tracker
  • Parenting tips focused on active living;
In the gym, deployed, or at home, with you always have the fitness tools you need at your fingertips. HOW MUCH?

Military Members
Family of Serving Members, Veterans, Family of Veterans
*Free membership as been extended for another year!
Other Defence Team Members
​General Public
​FREE until March31 2018
​$25 for the Year*
$50 for the Year*


*Discounted prices valid until April 2017. These memberships will no longer be available for new members as of April 2017. 

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Also available for military personnel
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