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Volunteer of the Month - Stephanie Murphy

From the time she was young, Stephanie Murphy was an avid sports enthusiast and that hasn’t changed. If anything, Stephanie, who is now a captain, shares her passion with others and helps them find the joy in sports as well.
“I love team sports for the camaraderie and how it teaches you to work with others,” Stephanie says.  “Sport also helped me be comfortable meeting new people and I wanted to be that person for someone else who might be holding back. Sometimes you just need that one person to help you feel comfortable. I really wanted to share the positive experiences I’ve had from sport with others.”
For the past five years, Stephanie has been doing just that, helping women at 15 Wing Moose Jaw find their love for sports. She has initiated squash clinics, recruited an experienced soccer coach to help with skill development and recruited a women’s basketball team to play in a local civilian league. Most recently, Stephanie launched a Facebook page for 15 Wing Women’s Sports with the goal of making sport accessible to female athletes of all levels on the wing.
“In her short time with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), she has made a heavy impact to many looking to develop their skills, and in particular encouraging women to take part,” says Chantelle Rouault-Gibson, sports coordinator for 15 Wing Moose Jaw.
Stephanie created a safe and welcoming environment for women as she knew many chose not to participate due to shyness or lack of confidence.  
She also has found it personally rewarding. “I’ve always really enjoyed being a volunteer and it’s something fun for me. It’s another activity for me to do and I enjoy seeing people get involved.
“I just wanted to help create opportunities for women,” says Stephanie, who has also been an administration officer at 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School. “I love the aspect of team sports. It brings me so much joy and I wanted to create that same environment for others. I definitely wasn’t expecting this [Volunteer Recognition Program award].”
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