Veterans’ week
CFMWS and Department of National Defence.

Veterans’ week Connecting with the past

Veterans’ week in November is a time to think back on the Canadians who have put on a military uniform to serve their country.

Not everyone knows someone in uniform or has a relative who served, but for some there are real connections to the past and to memories of those who have put on a uniform. One of our employees shares some words of his connection to the past.

"They say the bombers helped end the war in the Second World War. My grandfather was one of the few who survived and came back from flying the dangerous missions over Europe. He spoke little of his wartime experiences but I have photographs of him that allow me imagine what it must have been like. Young men, terrified, cold and far from home, trying to do their job and return home while watching so many lose their lives in the air.

Many years later, I also served in the Royal Canadian Air Force and it's funny how similar we look with our wedge caps and goofy young smiles. It is during this week and on Remembrance day that I remember those like my grandfather who served."

A Canadian veteran is someone who has served his or her country in uniform.

CFMWS supports military members, veterans and their families. Thank you to all who serve and have served.