MFRC Virtual Programming Schedule

MFRC Virtual Programming Schedule


Topic: Educational Video Workshops
Description: 5 to 10-minute workshops in English and French on various topics to equip families and meet their needs
Brought to you by the MFRC in Montreal.
Time: Every 2 weeks
Registration: Contact Josiane Lague,

Topic: Community Coffee and Chat
Description: What does it mean to be brave? Provides opportunity for virtual social connections through discussion.
Brought to you by the MFRC in Toronto.
Time: Every Wednesday
Registration: Contact Jamie McKay/Joanne O'Connor,

Topic: Delve Into Deployment

Description: Deployments are not easy but a deployment through a pandemic is on another level!
The Deployment Services and Mental Health teams are joining together to offer you a series of workshops to help you thrive (and not just survive) your deployment by providing some clarity and certainty in an era where both have been lacking.
The purpose of these workshops is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to proactively and effectively address challenges and strengthen your coping mechanisms.  
This program will be facilitated in English but if you would like some French support, just let us know!

Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Dates: Jan 11, Feb 8 and March 3, 2021
Registration: Online
Topic: Deployment Reintegration - R2MR
Description: The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) is mental health resilience education and training for CAF members and their families. Designed by the CAF, the overall objective of R2MR is to improve mental health outcomes of military members and families through pre deployment preparation and post deployment support.          
Date: 14 January, 2021                     
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Registration: Online
Topic: Demystifying Your Family’s Transition
Description: In this series of presentations the PMFRC Veteran Family Program Coordinator will be speaking with various guests about the challenges facing CF Members and their families as they go through the medical release process -  and the programs and services available to support them. 
Session One – We speak with a Family Liaison Officer about the mental and emotional challenges that a family may experience.
Session Two – Learn more about the Veteran Family Program and the services it provides for families across Canada.
Session Three- We will speak with a representative from SISIP re: financial considerations during the transition process
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Registration: Online
Sessions are pre-recorded and available for registrants
Topic: Language Café
Description: The Language Network is a supportive space where everyone has the opportunity to practice their language skills and connect with others in the SLT community
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Time: Jan 20 / 10 AM (EST) | Feb 3 / 7:30 PM (EST) | Feb 20 / 10 AM (EST)
Registration: Online 
Topic: Emergency Preparedness for Deployed Families
Description: Whether this is your first deployment or tenth, being alone in your home can be overwhelming. Join us to learn about staying safe and how to prepare for emergencies while your partner is away. 
In January, we will be discussing OPSEC. 
In February we will be discussion Disaster Preparedness
Dates: January 27 and Feb 24, 2021
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Registration: Online
Topic: Exceptional Families
Description A peer-support program for adults from families with special needs. 
In addition to the opportunity to discuss current challenges, guest speakers are sometimes invited to join these sessions
Time: First Thursday of every month
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa
Registration: Online
Topic: Hello Heroes
Description: ‘Hello Hero’ is an online course designed to assist and support families dealing with an Operational Stress Injury resulting from their service. Modules include understanding PTSD, self care for spouses, and how PTSD effects their child and the broader family unit.
Brought to you by the MFRC in Calgary
Language: English
Topic: Employment - Advice for interviews
Description: Helping adults in the stages relating to job searching. 
Brought to you by the MFRC in Bagotville

Topic: Employment - Advice for interviews
Description: Help the military spouse with job searches in the occasional face of judgment and possible discrimination. Highlighting qualities that the military reality often bring, as seen by a potential employer.
Brought to you by the MFRC in Bagotville

Topic: Parental Advocacy Support
Description: Support for parents wishing information or advocating for support from community agencies, schools and child care centers
Brought to you by the MFRC in North Bay
Time: Anytime
Registration: Diane Sarrazin-Dubeau,

Topic: Care for the Caregiver virtual presentation (Veteran Family Program)
Description: An Operational Stress Injuries virtual presentation aimed at providing strategies for coping, and resources to assist Caregivers. Brought to you by the MFRC in North Bay
Start Date: 8/5/2020
Time: Every 4 months

Topic: Safety Net online presentation (Veteran Family Program)
Description: How to identify intimate partner violence at the workplace and increase awareness and understanding. Brought to you by the MFRC in North Bay
Time: Every 4 Months

Topic: OSI Support Giver Group
Description: In partnership, OSISS and the Family Liaison Officer offer a virtual group for individuals supporting a loved one with an OSI. Open to Military, Veteran, and RCMP families. Brought to you by the MFRC in Toronto
Time: Mondays 1830hrs, Fridays 1130hrs EST
Registration: Contact

Topic: Scholarship Info Session

Description: Informing military families of provincial scholarships and their application processes. 
Brought to you by the MFRC in Borden 
Time: January 14, 2021 - 5pm-6pm (EST)
Language: English
Topic: Children's Deployment Support Program
Description: Program (CDSP) is a peer support initiative designed to provide school-aged children (from JK to Grade 8) with appropriate information on the feelings and reactions experienced by the prolonged absence of a parent.  The program was designed to normalize the deployment situation for children and teach them positive living skills that will help them cope with the challenges of deployment and other stressors they may experience in their day to day lives. Families can enroll in the CDSP when they are experiencing a work-related separation (deployment, tasking or course). Sessions will focus on anxiety reduction, positive living skills and recognition of emotions through fun play based activities. Children will also be encouraged to write letters to Drako the Dragon, our CDSP support mascot, talking about their experiences and feelings. Drako will read the letters “anonymously” during the live Zoom sessions, and the children can participate in some brainstorming and discussion about coping, problem solving and how to support each other.

Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa 
Time: Semester runs from January to March
Semester two begins in January
Registration: Registration for each semester, along with our CDSP Support Newsletter and a frequently asked questions section, can be found online.

As much of the content is pre-recorded, particpants can register at anytime throughout the session.  
Families with questions or looking for more information can contact:
 - Main Reception Line 613-687-1641
 - Community Engagement Team via email
 - Deployment Programmer at

Topic: Children's Friendship Training
Description: This is an evidence-based, parent-assisted social skills program for children ages 7 to 12.  It will be offered  to motivated children & their parents who are interested in learning ways to make & keep friends. Children will learn crucial social skills & have the opportunity to practice  with role-play activities in online break-out rooms with a facilitator. Parents will learn how to assist their children in making & keeping friends.
Dates: 6 weekly sessions – Times will be set in conjunction with participants
Brought to you by the MFRC in Petawawa

Registration: Online at CAFconnection - families will be contacted for an intake meeting to determine program suitability

Topic: Family Story Time - A kiss goodbye
Brought to you by the MFRC in Bagotville

Topic: Teen Centre
Description: The Teen Centre is a place where military teens have a chance to connect with other teens living the military life. During our closure we still chat regularly and connect with each other while doing crafts, playing games or and having virtual parties.
Brought to you by the MFRC in North Bay.
Time: Multiple times a week
Registration: Contact Shannon Mason,