PES Programs

Reconditioning Programs


Reconditioning Programs

Injury Reconditioning Programs - MILITARY MEMBERS ONLY:

Self-directed PT

Through referral through your Chain of Command, Health services or yourself, the Reconditioning Specialist (RS) will work with you to develop a training plan suited to improving the condition of your limitation/injury/illness. This is suited for those on shift, with variable taskings or those who prefer to work independently while training to achieve their fitness or injury recovery goals. 

Hybrid Program:

This program combines the individual program and the Supplementary Physical Training Programs (SPTP). This is great for those that want the group fitness setting as well as time with the RS during training. Great for those with variable schedules or on shift work. 

Supplementary Physical Training Program:

For military members who have either failed their yearly FORCE Evaluation or for those wanting to improve on their own fitness. Limitations or not, all are welcome to participate in this directed program. The program works on building strength and cardiovascular capabilities through various materials, classes and class locations including pool PT on Thursdays! Paperwork must be completed before attending with Philippa. Daily, M-F 0700-0800 hrs.

Back to Life - Tuesday & Thursday 0830-0900 hrs:

For those requiring a stronger core or back. Typically those with back injuries attend however, those that have trouble sleeping, need motivation to do core work or those looking to increase their knowledge of core exercises through a trainer. Registration is required. 

Reach and Flex - Monday & Friday 0830-0900 hrs:

This unique class incorporates various methods to help improve your range of motion and increase your flexibility. Registration is required. 


Kevin Chenard
Fitness Sports & Physical Excersise Coordinator
705-494-2011 ext. 2462