22 Wing Sports Teams

Extramural Sports

  21. The next level of competition is the extramural sports program. The ability of individuals and teams of better than average athletic calibre must be recognized. Such individuals are to be encouraged to develop their skills so they may advance to higher levels of competition. Extramural competition is a valuable extension of the intramural program and an important component in achieving the objectives of the CF sports program.
Extramural sports programs include:
a. competitions against members or teams from other bases;
b. participation against civilian teams or individuals;
c. command competitions;
d. Canadian Forces Regional Championships and invitationals;
e. Canadian Forces National Championships; and
f. participation at the elite

For more information on how to get involved Contact our local Sports Coordinator


Marc Desroches
Sports & Facility Coordinator
705-494-2011 ext 2240

Base Sports Teams

Be one of multiple athletes to show case your skills and hard work in a number of our Canadian Armed Forces Sports Programs
  1. Badminton
  2. Ball Hockey
  3. Basketball
  4. Golf
  5. Hockey
  6. Slo-pitch
  7. Soccer
  8. Squash
  9. Volleyball
  10. Swimming
  11. Curling
  12. FORCE 

Constitution of the Ontario Region Sports Committee