Family Liaison Officer

Family Liaison Officer

Support for Families of Ill, Injured, or Deceased Canadian Forces Personnel and Veterans

Your Family Liaison Officer offers support for the families of ill, injured, or deceased soldiers.  These Services include:

  • Referrals to mental health services for adults and children;
  • Access to education/prevention-based programs in the community
  • Short-term individual or group support for families of ill/injured and deceased Canadian Forces members; and
  • Outreach support for families in the following districts:
  1. Algoma
  2. Cochrane
  3. Manitoulin
  4. Nipissing
  5. Parry Sound
  6. Sudbury
  7. Temiskaming

For information and/or assistance with any of the above areas, please contact the Family Info Line at 1-800-866-4546 or email:

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