Addictions Awareness and Prevention

Addictions Awareness and Prevention

Monahan / HPAA / CFB North Bay / 2017

What is Addictions Awareness and Prevention?

Addictions Awareness and Prevention is a core component of the Strengthening the Forces Health Promotion programming. Its mandate is to promote a healthy, addiction free lifestyle within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) community by developing and delivering effective primary interventions such as: providing education in personal skill development; developing an environment that is supportive of an addiction free lifestyle; and addressing organizational policies that do the same.

Addictions Awareness and Prevention programming is founded on evidence-based practices and adult learning principles. All educational material is designed for adults and is facilitated by experienced and highly knowledgeable health promotion delivery personnel on every base/wing.

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness provides up to date information on topics related to alcohol, other drugs and gambling. The Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness Supervisor Training prepares those in leadership positions to take an active role in the detection and management of alcohol misuse, drug abuse, gambling problems and to promote an addiction free environment in the workplace.

During the month of November each year the Addictions Awareness Campaign occurs on all bases/wings. This campaign aims to increase awareness of addiction, and challenges individuals’ knowledge related to alcohol, other drugs, and gambling. Participants will learn when to say “I’ve had enough”, when to step in, and when and how to ask for help.