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Last Update: 15 April 2021


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April, May & June 2021

What courses or activities are coming and more!

Below is a list of courses we are currently offering.   If the course you are looking for isn’t listed, please let us know. Many courses are offered based on yearly trends and campaigns, however, some courses are based on interest. If you or your unit would like a course offered – contact us.   Minimum number of participants required to offer a course is 5 people.

Course: Top Fuel for Top Performance (TFTP)
Date: 01 June 2021
Time: 1000 - 1200 hrs
Duration: 4 sessions (Tuesdays)
Location: Ayr Mess - Club 100
Registration: TFTP-Registration-E

Course: Injury Prevention Strategy (IPS)
Date: 29 June 2021
Time: 1000 - 1200 hrs
Duration: 1 Session (2 hours)
Location: Ayr Mess - Club 100
Registration: IRS-Registration-June-E

If you are interested in any of the below courses, please contact us. Thank you.
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gaming and Gambling Awareness
  • BUTT OUT Tobacco Cessation
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Managing Angry Moments
  • Mental Fitness Suicide Awareness
  • RCAF 101
  • Respect in the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Shiftwork like Clockwork
  • Sleep and Rest
  • STRESS! Take Charge!
  • Top Fuel for Top Performance
  • Weight Wellness and Lifestyle