HP Advisory Committee

HP Advisory Committee

Monahan / HPAA / CFB North Bay / 2017

Health Promotion Advisory Committee

The Committee:

We recognize the importance of a collaborative approach.  Health partners work together to identify current and emerging health issues, and ensure access to and delivery of effective health and social wellness programs.  This contributes to operational readiness and effectiveness and to the quality of life of members of the CF Team and their families.


The Health Promotion Advisory Committee advocates for and promotes a healthy, safe and comfortable lifestyle and work environment for 22 Wing members. 

Core Principles:

The core principles of the Health Promotion Advisory
Committee are to:
  • care for people by advocating for the members’ self-directed health promotion;
  • treat people with compassion, respect and understanding; and
  • foster a positive environment that promotes personal and professional well-being.


The Health Promotion Advisory Committee will work to improve the quality of life for 22 Wing personnel by acting as a forum for setting health and social wellness priorities, ensuring delivery of effective health and social wellness education and prevention programs and recommending changes to CAF and 22 Wing policy as appropriate.  This is achieved by having all key stake holders present statistics from their respective sections, identify any observable trends / risks / opportunities, and adapt local services appropriately.

Who are We:

The Health Promotion Advisory Committee is comprised of the following core personnel.  General contact number is (705) 494-2011 + local
Wing Administration Officer (Chair) 2010
Health Promotion Manager (Co-Chair) 2350
Transition Center Client Services Coordinator 2589
Transition Center Family Liaison Officer 2579
MFRC Deployment Coordinator 2026
MFRC Prevention & Intervention Coordinator 2026
PSP Fitness, Sports & Physical Exercise Coordinator 2462
Quality of Life Representative / WCWO 2005
Wing Chaplain 2161
Wing Community Health Nurse 2202
Wing General Safety Officer 2827
Wing Social Worker / Addictions Counsellor 2592
Wing Workplace Relations Coordinator 2010
If you have a concern or question, you may contact any one of us. 
Anonymity will be maintained.
UPDATED:   April 2021