Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness

Monahan / HPAA / CFB North Bay / 2017

Nutritional Wellness

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What is Nutritional Wellness?

Nutritional Wellness is a fundamental component of the Strengthening the Forces health promotion programming. Its mandate is the provision of expert advice and initiatives to promote nutritional health within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by developing and delivering effective primary interventions such as: education and personal skill development opportunities regarding healthy eating, performance nutrition and weight management; enhancing the food environment to increase the availability of nutritious choices to support healthy eating, weight management and chronic disease prevention; and addressing relevant organizational policies.

Why is nutritional wellness important?

Nutritional Wellness will improve and maximize your:
  • Overall health
  • Mental and physical performance
  • Quality of life

What do Nutritional Wellness activities offer?

Nutritional Wellness programming offers adult-based courses, campaigns and additional educational material to CAF personnel facilitated by experienced Health Promotion Delivery personnel on Bases and Wings across Canada. Services offered depend on location, time of year and yearly STF focus.