CF Health and Wellness Challenge

CF Health and Wellness Challenge

Monahan / HPAA / CFB North Bay / 2017

CF Health and Wellness Challenge

Make your choices count!

Are you ready to enhance your wellness?

Wellness is more than a concept; it's a daily undertaking that touches all aspects of health. It’s what you eat at the restaurant; it's how well you sleep; it's the exercise you do in the evening; and it's how you react to stress. Improving your health means making changes - if you change nothing, nothing will change!

This exciting challenge will get you moving...eating addictions free...relaxing, connecting and enjoying life!!   All you need to do is accumulate points in your daily activity tracker and get the chance to win some fabulous prizes!!


This challenge was open until 31 May 2016.  Monthly check-mark totals must be submitted to HP by Thursday 09 June 2016 to be eligible for a prize.

Challenge OPI:

Lucas DeMarco
Health Promotions Manager 
Extension 2350


HP, CANEX or SISIP personnel and their family / spouses are NOT eligible for prizes; however, they are encouraged to participate.  All members of the CAF / USAF and DND team (Regular Force, Reserve Force, DND employees, NPF, MFRC, and CAF immediate family members over the age of 18) are encouraged to participate in this Challenge. 
*** All participants must be 18 years of age and older ***