Healthy Body Challenge

Healthy Body Challenge

Monahan / CFB North Bay / 2020

Healthy Body Challenge

Left, Right, Left, Right.

March fourth to the Wellness Center on March 4th and take the Challenge!

PSP invites the 22 Wing Community to participate in the 65 day 22 Wing Healthy Body Challenge, 04 March – 07 May
On 4 March the Challenge will launch with registrations & initial measurements conducted on the gym floor during three separate 2-hour timings - 0800-1000hrs, 1200-1400hrs, & 1700-1900hrs. 
This challenge is open to CAF and USAF regular members, reserve members, immediate family members over the age of 18, CAF Veterans, DND and Civilian Employees of 22 Wing.  This is a non-mandatory challenge.

Prizes totalling $500.

Please visit the attached link for more information and details ...

Health Body Challenge Activity Calendar 2020

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Last updated 27 Feb 2020
SPECIAL:   Instructional tutorial video coming soon.
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