RCAF 101

RCAF 101

Monahan / HPAA / CFB North Bay / 2017

RCAF 101

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Healthy Lifestyle 101! offers the most up-to date information in four key areas of healthy lifestyle, specifically in the areas of addictions, injury prevention and active living, nutrition wellness and social wellness. It was designed specifically for the Canadian Forces (CF).

The program is run by facilitators who have completed all Health Promotion Training in the four key program areas.  Information in this program is appropriate for a wide range of adult participants who wish to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  The RCAF Healthy Lifestyle 101! is not intended to be delivered to children or youth because of special needs and approaches required in targeting this population.

RCAF Healthy Lifestyle 101! is a health prevention program and its aim is to be used as a health education tool and provide opportunities for learning with the goal to improve knowledge and develop healthier lifestyle behaviours.  RCAF Healthy Lifestyle 101! should not replace a therapeutic session, clinical intervention or individualized counselling from a CF health professional.

Addictions Awareness Measurable Objectives:

  • Increase general knowledge about alcohol, other drugs gambling and tobacco
  • Increase knowledge of responsible use of alcohol and gambling activity
  • Increase knowledge of CF policies and resources available

Injury Prevention and Active Living Measurable Objective:

  • Identify a minimum of five evidence-based injury prevention strategies in physical training and sports that she/he can adopt

Nutrition Wellness Measurable Objectives:

  • Increase knowledge about healthy eating
  • Increase awareness of obesity rates within the CF (and how to prevent it)
  • Increase awareness of Nutritional Wellness Health Promotion Programs

Social Wellness Measurable Objectives:

  • Increase understanding of stress and the impact of stress
  • Increase knowledge of effective stress management technique

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