Personal Development and Wellness

Personal Development and Wellness

North Bay MFRC

Personal Development and Wellness

Personal Enrichment Program

Our program is designed with you in mind. It provides you with learning and social opportunities, which in turn, enhance your life while living in the North Bay area.

We offer special events throughout the year for singles, couples and families. To find out more about our planned events, call or visit our Personal Enrichment Coordinator today! 705-494-2011 ext 2066, or email:
Amanda Patenaude

The Goal Of the Personal Enrichment Program:
The program goal is to provide adults with learning opportunities that are directly related towards the enhancement of the quality of life of military families.

What learning opportunities are available at the MFRC?

The following initiatives are but a few examples of what we have offered to date under our Personal Enrichment Programs:

  • Just For Us Workshops
  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Coffee Connections
  • Spouses Night Out
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Events
  • Cottage Weekend Wellness Retreat
  • Shopping Trips out-of-town
  • Christmas Cookie Exchange
  • Downtown Historical Walk and Haunted Hike
  • Gardening
  • Workshops

Who are the facilitators/instructors?

The Military Family Resource Centre relies on volunteers from the military community to facilitate seminars/workshops/courses; on various topics of interest. We also invite guest speakers from the city. If you have a skill or craft that you would like to share with the members of the military community, we would like to hear from you! Please contact the Personal Enrichment Coordinator at 705-494-2011 ext 2066, or email:
Amanda Patenaude

How will I know what is available and when?

Information is posted on bulletin boards at the MFRC and other buildings on the Wing, in the Shield newspaper, in the MFRC’s quarterly Family Matters Newsletter, on our website Events Calendar and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let’s work together to provide quality and innovative learning.

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