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MFRC Staff



Executive Director ext 2057
Tessa Clermont
Office Manager, Information and Employment Coordinator ext 2916
Donat Roussy    

Business Administrator ext 2073
Janet Baynton
Volunteer Services and Education Coordinator ext 2053 
Pamela Lennips

Community Programming Coordinator ext 2066
Natalie Wiseman

Prevention, Support & Intervention, and Deployment Coordinator ext 2026
Linda McCaulay
Child, Youth and Teen Coordinator ext 2645
Shannon Mason

Parent Support, Welcome Services, Second Language Coordinator ext 2056
Diane Sarrazin-Dubeau

Little Wings Childcare Centre Supervisor ext 2668
Leanna Neault

MFRC Family Liaison Officer ext 2579
Mark Hurley 

Veteran Family Program Coordinator ext 2138
Tina Thomason

Veteran Family Program Coordinator ext 2578
Carrie Gray