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In early September, Alison (Ouellet) Matthews, Director, Corporate Affairs, True Patriot Love (TPL) Foundation announced that the TPL had granted the funding request  for the  Family Medical Clinic in full. The request was submitted by Maj. Leo Phillips on behalf of 22 Wing and was intended to secure assistance with the full costs of running the clinic for a year.
By mid-September, the NBMFRC received a cheque for $70,000. At this time TPL expressed interest in discussing the potential of finding a local donor through TPL in order to have some consistent funding for the clinic in the long term. 
True Patriot Love is a national foundation that supports and honours members of the Canadian military and their families. It was founded by a group of citizens dedicated to building bridges between Canadian civilians and their military. The foundation strives to inspire Canadians to serve their country, whether it’s in or out of uniform. For more information on the True Patriot Love Foundation, please visit here.

As part of the funding, TPL is requesting a follow up that will include participant testimonials. This type of information goes a long way, allowing True Patriot Love to continue to support our military families through programs like ours! If you would like to share how the medical clinic has enhanced the quality of life on the Wing for you and your loved ones, please submit your testimonial by mail to:

North Bay MFRC
39 Sterling Ave.
Hornell Heights, ON P1H 1P0
or email