Sports Stores

Sports Stores

PSP North Bay
Equipment rentals and availability may be impacted by the phased approach to re-opening our facility.

Sports Stores

The Fitness Sports and Recreation Department has a large inventory of Fitness Sports and Recreational Equipment for use by the Military Community. 

Sports Stores Hours

                                    Monday                       1030-1200 hrs
                                    Tuesday                      1330-1500 hrs
                                    Wednesday                 1030-1200 hrs
                                    Thursday                     1330-1500 hrs
                                    Friday                          1030-1200 hrs

Who Can Sign Out the Equipment?

 There are 2 categories of equipment for sign out.
  1. The first category of equipment is for gym use only.  This equipment is for the use of the patrons around the FSR Centre and is not to leave the complex. Examples of this type of equipment are racquets, floor hockey sticks, volleyballs, basketballs etc. This equipment is available to all Military Members as well as Users of the Facility and is controlled by the front desk of the Recreation Complex.
  2. The second category of equipment for sign out is equipment in which a Military Member who is cleared into the FSR Department can sign out on a temporary loan basis.  

Types of Equipment for Temporary Loan

 Military personnel can sign out 2 main types of equipment at the FSR Centre for temporary loan are Recreation Equipment and Sports Equipment.
The Recreation Equipment is usually signed out on a daily or weekend basis.  The Recreation Equipment is also used for Adventure Training, Military Sports Days and Fun Days.  Examples of some of the most popular Recreation Equipment are canoes, Tug of War Rope, kayaks, golf sets, and snow shoes.
Generally speaking the Sports Equipment is signed out for the season. The Sports Equipment is to support all CF Sports Programs.  The Military Team Member signs out all individual sports equipment for the duration of the season and the coach or his duly appointed representative signs out all team gear. In the case of some intersection sports, team kits are signed out by the coach.  Types of sports equipment for temporary loan are volleyball, hockey, soccer, curling, golf, softball, badminton, squash, etc.

*Except in extenuating circumstances, Sports Store services will not be offered outside these regular hours.  Special appointment will be considered by calling:

Sports Stores
705-494-2011 ext. 2242

Marc Desroches
Sports, Facility & Aquatic Coordinator
705-494-2011 ext. 2240