22 Wing Facilities Hours

22 Wing Facilities Hours

22 Wing Facilities Hours

Curious to know the hours of operations of certains facilities on the 22 Wing Base?

Look no further - all the information is below! 


Hours of Operation


Combined Mess

Weekdays   Weekends  
Breakfast 0600hrs to 0900hrs Breakfast 0600hrs to 0900hrs
Lunch 1130hrs to 1300hrs Lunch 1130hrs to 1300hrs
Supper 1630hrs to 1800hrs Supper 1630hrs to 1800hrs

Ayr Mess 

Thursday 1600hrs to 2200hrs
Friday 1130hrs to 2400hrs
Saturday 0900hrs to 0900hrs
Sunday to Wednesday - Open upon request  


* Self-Serve Tim Hortons located inside the Canex 
Monday to Friday 0630hrs to 2100hrs
Saturday 0900hrs to 2100hrs
Sunday 1000hrs to 2000hrs


Monday to Friday 0900hrs to 2000hrs
Saturday CLOSED

Fitness & Wellness Centre

* For further information on restricted times, call ext. 2610
Monday to Thursday 0600hrs to 2200hrs Drop Ins - after 1600hrs
Friday 0600hrs to 2100hrs Drop Ins - after 1600hrs
Saturday & Sunday 0800hrs to 2000hrs  


* Lt Padre Parker         705-494-2011 ext. 6096
Office Hours Monday to Friday 0730hrs to 1600hrs
Roman Catholic Mass Sunday 1000hrs
Protestant Service Sunday 1130hrs


* Appointments can be made by calling     705-494-2011 ext. 2261
Saturday 1200hrs to 1600hrs
Sunday 1300hrs to 1600hrs