Sports Day in Canada

Sports Day in Canada

Friday October 19th 2018 marks the 6th edition of CAF Sports Day followed by a Community Recreation Sports day on Saturday October 20th 2018.

22 Wing CAF Sports Day in Canada:  Friday October 19th 2018

1) Inter Rank Hockey Challenge Cup: The tournament will be held at Pete Palangio Arena.
There will be four teams.
JRM Ops                            Contact Cpl Braid ext 6470                                              
JRM Support                      Contact MCpl Nick Fava ext 2327                      
WO’s and Sgt’s                  Contact MWO Yvan Belanger 3082                    
Officers                              Contact Capt Ian Constantineau ext 6480          

2) Volleyball Tournament: Tournament will be held at the 22 Wing Fitness & Wellness Centre
Non-hockey players will also have the opportunity to participate in this Sports day. Units and Section are asked to contact Pierre Simard before Friday 13 October 2018  to enter a team in this Volleyball Tournament.

Pierre Simard
Sports Coordinator
705-494-2011 ext. 2240 before Friday 13 October 2018  to enter a team in this Volleyball Tournament.

22 Wing Community/REcreation sports Day in Canada: Saturday Ocotber 20th 2018 - Jersey DAy!

Jersey Day: 22 Wing Community participants are encouraged to wear a jersey of their choice to enter to win our Sports Day Swag.

1) Jr NBA Youth Basketball: 1000-1430 hrs 
Participants can register for this course by contacting the front desk of the Fitness & Wellness Centre at 705-494-2011 ext. 2610 or coordinator Lindsay Seguin.

2) Pickleball:  1600-1800 hrs
22 Wing participants can drop-in and learn the sport of pickleball along with playing either singles with a PSP staff or in partners with other participants (partners will be based on the level of participation within the community).

Recreation Front Desk
705-494-2011 ext. 2610

Lindsay Seguin
Community/Recreation Coordinator
705-494-2011 ext. 2613