Auto Hobby Club

Auto Hobby Club

22 Wing Auto Club

Auto Hobby Club

We're targeting 16 June for our Car Show. Check back soon! 
Link to the event:

The 22 Wing Auto Club is a fully-equipped self-service garage that provides the tools and facilities to clean, service, upgrade and repair vehicles of all types.  With a diverse membership of all skill and experience levels, social atmosphere and bargain pricing, the club is the best kept secret in the North Bay military community.

Members have access to the following:

  • Drive-on and 2-post vehicle lift bays (2)
  • Motorcycle and ATV lifts (2)
  • Oil-change with on-site disposal
  • Tire mounting and balancing machines, TPMS sensor tool
  • 1- and 2-ton shop cranes
  • MIG and Stick welding equipment, oxy-acetylene torch, plasma cutter
  • 2 Pressure-wash bays w/ vacuum
  • OBD-II diagnostic scanning equipment
  • Large project bay for painting, sandblasting, etc.
  • Complete set of air tools, wrenches, sockets and specialty tools for a variety of vehicles.

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MCpl John Richard
Club President
705-494-2011 ext.6064

Cpl Ilya Bazorov
Club Vice-President
705-494-2011 ext. 6507

Cpl John Garrett
Club Secretary
705-494-2011 ext. 3033

Cpl John Redmon
Club Treasurer
705-494-2011 ext. 6380

Open Hours*:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6PM-10PM
Saturday: 9AM-5PM
Sunday 10AM-2PM  1 Oct --> 31 May 
*Subject to volunteer steward availability, call ahead for availability.

Executive Committee

President Cpl. John Richard
Vice-President Cpl Ilya Bazorov
Facility Manager Sgt. Ted Van Hezewyk & Claude St-Denis
Treasurer Cpl. John Redmon
Secretary Cpl. John Garrett

Executive Mailbox:

Forms & Documents

Auto Club's Constitution & By-Laws
Liability Waiver
Project Bay Rental Application Form
Auto Club Price List & Fees
Ordinary & Associate Application Form
Active and retired military members are not required to fill out a membership application.  
All others must submit an application to the Club.
Parking/Storage Permit
AGM 2017-2018


Shop Steward Schedule

To view the current schedule please select the link below: