Water Sports & Recreation Club

Water Sports & Recreation Club


Water Sports & Recreation Club

The 22 Wing Water Sports and Recreation Club incorporates a 23 Slip Marina as well as a clubhouse and swimming facilities located on Trout Lake. This club operates 5 months of the season for the period covering May to October.


The purpose of this club is:
 a.         To encourage and support the recreational aspects of power boating, small boat sailing and kayaking/canoeing;
 b.         To promote the art of seamanship;
 c.         To promote water safety in all forms of water craft handling;
 d.         To organize recreational activities for club members;
 e.         To provide and organize a venue for recreational activities for other DND groups on a per diem basis; and
 f.          To provide docking space at Trout Lake for members.

Memebrship Rates

General Membership Fees
Class Full Season Half Season
Regular $20.00 $10.00
Ordinary $30.00 $15.00
Associate $40.00 $20.00

Boat Slip Fees (Including Deposit)
Class Full Season Half Season
Regular $350.00 $175.00
Ordinary $450.00 $225.00
Associate $600.00 $300.00
*Please Note: $100 Deposit required for slip fees, and is due when application is submitted. 

Membership Categories

Regular – CAF Reg / Res, Foreign Mil serving with CAF, Veterans of CAF
Ordinary – DND Public Servants, PSP, NPF, MFRC, DRDC and DCC, serving RCMP, currently serving HCol/Capt (N) & HLCol/Cdr, former NPF receiving pensions, former RCMP receiving annuities
Associate – Others invited to become members

Executive Committee effective May 5th 2017
Position Name Local
President Maj Thomas Banks 3003
Vice-President MCpl John Richard 6002
Treasurer MCpl Nick Fava
Secretary Vacant