Second Language Services

If you are a military family member posted where the community’s primary language is unfamiliar to you, Second Language Training (SLT) services are designed to help you integrate into your new surroundings.

By enrolling in an SLT program you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your life skills and improve your resume while increasing your language proficiency in your second language. MFRCs offer Second Language Training as part of their mandate to deliver the Military Family Services Program.  Our approach is to design a program that is standardized across all points of access so that families can have the same experience, irrespective of where they are posted.

Study options may include working independently online, or attending an SLT classroom program facilitated by your closest Military Family Resource Centre. Specific programs listed below. The Second Language Training Program is comprised of, but not limited to, the following program components:
  • Class-led Instruction – traditional classroom setting with a national curriculum and teacher held at local MFRCs
  • Online Language Training - Family members can obtain a license from their local MFRC to access the self-directed online Rosetta Stone program. 
  • Tutoring – available for one-on-one language instruction on a case-by-case basis
  • Other learning opportunities developed by local MFRCs such as conversation circles and French/English Conversation Clubs and a Second Language Training Resource Library
Rosetta Stone

Pour l'amour du fran├žais/For the Love of English

 Contact your local Second Language Training Coordinator at your MFRC to get started!