Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care


Emergency Child Care

If your spouse is deployed, either on course or overseas, and your regular caregiver is unavailable, you may access our Emergency Child Care Service.
Our Emergency Child Care is there to offer assistance in highly stressful situations. We can also help you fill out an Emergency Child Care Plan.


Our Emergency Child Care Service is designed to help Canadian Forces families on a short-term basis to bridge the gap between having no child care provider and having a regular child care provider. Please understand that there are limitations to the Emergency Child Care services that we can provide.

What Circumstances Constitute an Emergency?

  • A Canadian Forces member is away on duty and his/her spouse/caregiver is unavailable due to illness or family emergency
  • A Canadian Forces member is required to report for duty on short notice and the spouse/caregiver is unavailable
  • The caregiver is a single parent, or both parents are Canadian Forces members, and duty requirements are such that the regular childcare provider is unavailable
  • A child is ill and the parent is unable to access their usual child care arrangement at a time when the Canadian Forces member’s presence at work is critical to the military operation
  • Other circumstances not covered above but where emergency child care is deemed necessary


(902) 892-8999
Emergency Cell: (902) 314-9860
Email: info@pei-mfrc.org

Respite Child Care

If a situation arises that is not considered an emergency, but child care is essential for the family’s continued health and well being, a period of respite may be available for military families.