kids running under a parachute

Kids' Activities

There are many groups, clubs, teams, and organizations that children can get involved in while living on PEI. An online resource that is very helpful for finding information about programs and events related to fitness and active living is the Go!PEI website. Within the website, you can select which region you are interested in, or more specifically a larger town or city that is listed. Once you select a region, you can see programs for various age groups.

Another great resource for finding things to do in your community is the GoingOn website. On there, you can find an easy-to-use tool for finding out what kinds of things are going on in your community.

For specific programs in your regions, we recommend you consult your town or city hall. Many sports and recreation activities for children are run through municipalities.

A few other links: This is not an inclusive list—there's so many groups, clubs, teams, and organizations in PEI! If you have specific information you would like to share or would like to know more about please contact the PEI MFRC at we would be happy to share it with the community.