Deployment Readiness

Are You Deployment Ready?

Did you know that deployment is defined as any time your soldier is away for an extended period of time? This includes courses, taskings, IR, field time, and overseas deployments. The PMFRC offers support to all family members of a deployed member, including girlfriend/boyfriend, aunt/uncle, parents, grandparents, spouse, and children. If your soldier is currently or soon-to-be deployed, take a look at this list of tools to help make the time apart easier. 

For more information on any of these tools and services, feel free to contact our Deployment Services Coordinator, Annie Beaudoin, by calling (613) 687-7587 ext. 3225 or by sending an email to

For CANSOFCOM families, please contact your CANSOFCOM Military Family Services team by telephone at 613-506-2781 or email at for additional information.

OP Family Readiness
OP Family Readiness is a resource created by the PMFRC to help military families organize all of their important documents and vital information in one spot. With this tool, you will feel confident knowing that your family is ready for whatever challenges may come your way during a deployment. Each section includes information, reminders and checklists about:
  • legal matters
  • medical information
  • home maintenance issues
  • banking
  • insurance
  • and much more   

Emergency Child Care (ECC)
The PMFRC's Emergency Child Care service helps families to arrange short-term emergency child care when a CAF member is away and a situation arises that prevents the other parent from being able to care for the children. This service can help to arrange short-term emergency child care until more permanent arrangements can be made.  

Our team can also provide you with information about creating a Family Care Plan, so your family is prepared should an emergency arise. If you are in need of emergency child care, you can reach our office at (613) 687-1641 ext. 2226.  If emergency child care is needed outside of regular office hours, call the Duty Padre at (613) 687-5511 ext. 5611.

Mental Health
The PMFRC provides confidential short-term crisis support to guide military families through difficult situations. We offer a wide range of mental health services for military families including:
  • child and youth counselling
  • assessments and referrals
  • individual and family therapy
  • marriage counselling
Family needs are assessed and referrals made within the PMFRC or appropriately directed within the community of social services of Renfrew County.  To contact our Crisis Intervention Coordinator, please call: (613) 687-2104 ext. 224.

Children's Deployment Support Program
Is your child having trouble dealing with a family member's absence during a deployment? The Children’s Deployment Support Program (CDSP) is a peer-support program delivered in the local schools (JK to Grade 8) from October to May.  

Sessions will help children to to understand their feelings, the changes, and possible stressors that occur before, during and after a deployment. In a safe, comfortable environment, the children learn positive living skills and age-appropriate stress management strategies to help them with their deployment situation.  For more information, please call (613) 687-7587 ext. 3224 or email

Deployment Supervised Care
The PMFRC offers three consecutive hours of subsidized care each month for families with children ages 0-12, who are experiencing a work-related separation.

Casual Child Care
Do you have errands to run or appointments to attend? Maybe you just need a few hours to yourself. The PMFRC's Casual Child Care service provides occasional care for children ages 0-6. Children enjoy free play, creative experiences and story time. Our fully-equipped nurseries are available for rest periods and infants are fed as required. We have locations on the North and South side for the convenience of our families. For more information about rates and availability please call: (613) 687-1641 ext. 2225 (North side) or (613) 687-2104 ext.231 (South Side).