Deployment Wall

Deployment Wall


Make Your Own Deployment Wall

Is your loved one away?  A Deployment Wall is a great way to make your loved one seem a little less far away.

Every family's deployment wall will look different. 

Some families do a countdown, some do a 'count up'.  Some families have a clock to show the time where mommy or daddy is.  Other families post a world map with pins in all of the places that they have visited.

A Deployment Wall or a Deployment Corner is an area of your home where all of these things come together.  It can include photos of your family, pictures of the location where you loved on is deployed, lists of things to tell mom or dad when they call, or a place to pin letters that you have received.

The PMFRC wants to help you build your own Deployment Wall. 

For more informatiom, please contact your Deployment Support team by email or by calling (613) 687-7587 ext. 3257.