During Deployment
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During Deployment

The PMFRC provides the following support for families dealing with a deployment:
Available Resources:
  • Casual Child Care
  • Leisure programs
  • Emergency Respite Care
  • Crisis Intervention Worker

Deployment Supervised Care

We also offer three consecutive hours of subsidized care each month for families with children ages 0-12, who are experiencing a work-related separation.
A work-related separation includes courses, taskings, IR, exercises as well as time in the field or overseas.
A Family Information Form must be completed to verify that your partner is deployed.  Subsidized care will not be accessible until a form has been completed, and the unit has verified a deployment.

For more information, please contact our Deployment Services Coordinator, Annie Beaudoin at (613) 687-7587 ext. 3225 or Deployment.pmfrc@bellnet.ca.

For CANSOFCOM families, please contact your CANSOFCOM Military Family Services team by telephone at 613-506-2781 or email at Mariella.Duschen@forces.gc.ca for additional information.