Pre-Deployment Resources

Pre-Deployment Is your family Deployment Ready?

Is your soldier going away on an exercise, course or deployment? 

OP Family Readiness is a new resource created by the PMFRC to help you organize all of your family's important documents and vital information. 

If your air conditioner broke, would you know where to find the warranty? Are your utility accounts set-up so that both you, and your spouse, can make necessary changes? Do you have the power of attorney documents you will need to handle your soldier’s financial affairs while he/she is away?

The OP Family Readiness binder was created to help military families organize their documents and vital information. Each section includes important information, reminders and checklists about: legal matters, medical information, home maintenance issues, banking, insurance and much more.

Feel confident knowing that your family is ready for whatever challenges may come your way during a deployment.

You may access a copy of the OP Family Readiness document here.

Emergency Child Care Plan
A Child Care Plan is a written document that outlines your child care arrangements for regular, back-up and/ or emergency situations.  A good child care plan ensures that you are ready for any “what if” situation.

You can download a copy of the Emergency Care Plan to fill out with your family's information.

For more information, please contact our Deployment Services Coordinator, Annie Beaudoin at (613) 687-7587 ext. 3225 or 
For CANSOFCOM families, please contact your CANSOFCOM Military Family Services team by telephone at 613-506-2781 or email at for additional information.