Second Language Training

Second Language Training


Second Language Training

Are you interested in learning or improving your second language? 

The PMFRC has a limited number Rosetta Stone licenses that can be signed out by military family members (spouses and children ages 14 and up).  For more information about online second language training for CF members, go to:

On Jase / Let's Chat

Are you looking for an opportunity to practice your second language conversation skills? 

Join us for On Jase / Let's Chat.  Each session will be split in half, with opportunities for francophones to practice their English and anglophones to practice their French.  Don't like small talk?  Don't worry, there will be trivia or Jeopardy quizzes to keep the conversation going.

On Jase / Let's chat is open to anyone over the age of 18 - including CF members.

For upcoming times, dates and registration info, visit the PMFRC Events Calendar.